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Halloween Costumes


Fox Halloween Costumes

Click your favorite character for costumes of that particular animal!!

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Ylvis Fox Dancer Costume


Here’s to the greatest viral video of the year created by Ylvis.  The two brothers have taken the internet by storm with their latest video.  We tried to compile a host of Halloween Costumes for you guys to howl at.  We tried to make them all Amazon friendly so these can be delivered to your doorstep well in time for Halloween.

If you have 2 people, you could do a fox and backup dancer.  If you have 5 – 10 people consider adding all the animals. If you have over 10 people you could fill in extras with more backup dancers.

What The Text Say!?!

The what-does-the-fox-say-text-message (part 1) is finally here!
Yeah someone probably sent wayyy too much time on this emoji / emoticon SMS, but that someone is my teenage cousin so it’s all good.

Happy Texting!


what does the fox say text message SMS emoji emoticon

What the Fox ACTUALLY Says

love this little vid that’s making its way around youtube

Fun Fox Fact 1 – Why are foxes referred to as sly?!

Foxes are often portrayed as sly creatures in folklore and fairy tales for a few reasons, the first being because they are solitary creatures and like to fend for themselves. Some believe that when foxes are all alone they hop on “Call of Duty” and pwn noobs with their mad camping skillz. So foxes are introverted video game nerds? Well… Maybe not…

The reason foxes like to be on their own is because of the way they hunt their prey. Often compared to the cat or tiger, the fox likes to stalk its lunch before it pounces in and swipes it up. So next time you encounter a fox quickly yell “Swiper no swiping!” and maybe the perpetrator won’t eat you for lunch.

Hati Hatee Hati Ho!

How many animals can you spot?

in the popular Ylvis video “What does the Fox Say”